How does eyelash extension with a UV system work?

The UV adhesive is a special adhesive that hardens under ultraviolet light. It is used in professional eyelash extensions to safely and permanently connect artificial eyelashes with natural eyelashes. It is cured by irradiation with UV light, which makes the glue dry quickly and harden immediately. You may already know the UV treatment from the nail salon, the way it works here is very similar.

So, to perform an eyelash extension with the new UV technique, you basically need a UV glue and a UV lamp. However, we advise you to use suitable tools to make the treatment safer for you and your customers.

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The unbeatable advantages of eyelash extensions with UV system

Immediate curing of the adhesive

Our UV adhesive dries immediately by UV radiation, not by humidity. This allows your clients to come into contact with water immediately. You can place the lashes precisely and place more lashes next to them without worry, because they adhere bombproof.

Over 30% time saving for everyone!

The UV adhesive dries instantly and allows you to quickly apply one lash at a time. This means more revenue in less time for you, and easier integration of treatment into your clients' daily lives as they spend less time on it. This leads to more re-sets and refill appointments.

Hardly any adhesive fumes - The solution for easily irritated eyes!

Adhesive vapors are normally produced during curing due to the reaction with air humidity. These fumes can disturb customers and stylists. With Miss Luminance UV System, these fumes are eliminated because the adhesive cures immediately under the UV lamp.

Secure hold until the natural eyelashes fall out

Our UV system interlocks perfectly: the combination of our high-quality UV adhesive and the elegant and powerful UV lamp with timer function creates adhesive points that last. So we guarantee you a durability until the natural eyelashes fall out. The big plus at this point: Due to the immediate hardening of the glue dot, it remains stable without crumbling or interfering.


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