Discover our UV accessories for safe eyelash extensions!

If you want to use the innovative UV technology for eyelash extensions, you need UV glue and a UV lamp. But for added safety and convenience, we recommend suitable accessories.

UV-Silicone pads

UV-Eye Tape Black

UV-Foam Tape | Black

UV-Safety glasses

UV-Lamp | White or Black

Sun Drop | LSF50


UV accessories for maximum safety and precision

Dive into the world of UV accessories that take your UV treatments to a new level of safety and efficiency. Miss Luminance offers a diverse selection of essential accessories that protect both client and stylist during UV treatments and enable optimal results.

Hydro Gel Eye Pads - protection and comfort for the skin: Our Hydro Gel Eye Pads offer the best protection for the sensitive skin under the eyes. During UV treatments, they protect the skin from harmful radiation while enabling comfortable wear. The transparent pads fit perfectly and provide an ideal basis for precise work.

UV silicone pads - protection for the eyelids: The UV silicone pads are specially designed to protect the eyelids of your customers during treatment. The silicone coating ensures a gentle support while the UV light does its work. This keeps the skin protected and allows the lashes to shine in their full beauty.

UV-Eye Tape - Precise and protective all in one: our UV-Eye Tape allows for accurate delineation of the treatment area while protecting the eyelids from UV radiation. The precise placement of the tape ensures perfect results and minimizes the risk of irritation.

UV Protective Goggles - Safety for Stylist:s and Client:s: Our UV protective goggles are the be-all and end-all for safe UV treatments. They protect the stylist's eyes from harmful UV light and ensure a clear view of the work.

The importance of protection during UV treatments cannot be overemphasized. Both clients and stylists should be aware that UV radiation can be harmful. The skin under the eyes is particularly sensitive and needs proper protection to prevent premature aging and other negative effects. Stylist:ins should also protect their eyes and skin from intense UV light to minimize long-term health effects.

Miss Luminance offers the ideal UV accessories to create a safe and successful UV treatment environment. Invest in the protection and precision our high-quality accessories offer and achieve radiant results without compromising safety.


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